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Consciousness series

This is an art project that was incredibly fun and it’s my first ever foray in the arts of ceramics. This installation series is based on a enriching Jurema plant DMT experience, which was truly profound as it raised a lot of questions around consciousness and our physical bodies and matter.

What matters? Do you matter? Do I matter? What is matter?

We live in a world of collective consciousness and in these dramatically shifting times I sense good days ahead. The truths are coming out and more humans are becoming aware of their important and beneficial existence in this dimension.

This #ConsciousnessArtSeries of mine will radiate this message and the total number of heads is 33. Below is the 1st Wheel of Consciousness and the 2nd bigger one is being built for Burning Man 2023.

The original spinning Wheel of Consciousness. 2021

The 4 meter diameter Wheel of Consciousness

Victor Spinelli-Ibiza-Burning Man-Gagosian.png
Victor Spinelli-Consciousness Art Series-Ibiza-Burning Man.png
Victor Spinelli-Consciousness_2.png
Victor Spinelli-Hauser and wirth-gagosian.png
Victor Spinelli-Consciousness-4.png
Victor Spinelli-Ibiza-Consciousness-Burning Man-Ceramic.JPG
Victor Spinelli-Consciousness art Series.JPG

Burning Man has so many challenges. I was unable to ship the 300 Kilo steel wheel, so I had to adapt to the situation and environment and literally, reinvent the wheel. The look of the circle, with the white sheets added an ethereal phantom element which many thought added to a flowing consciousness through dimensions and the Universe.

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